Yasmin Zadeh


My photographic practice explores the relationship between urban and natural worlds. I am drawn to derelict places left open to the elements and time, allowing nature to reclaim what was once hers. Liminal spaces that tether between past, present and future.

I trained as a Graphic Designer at Camberwell College of Arts in 2008, before going on to work for fine art collective United Visual Artists. It was here that my fascination with light and sensory spaces became engrossed into my practice. The ephemeral quality that light possesses remains an important aspect involved in my work surrounding both urban and natural landscapes; providing a stark, ethereal contrast to the harsh man-made structures in our modern-day environments.

My more recent work explores the psychological effects of living in cities, alongside how we can use the wilderness as a place to meditate and regain our sense of balance away from our fast paced urban lives. 

I have worked in arts education for the past 10 years and now work freelance as an artist educator, photographer, writer and yoga teacher.

For enquiries, commissions and photographic prints contact yasmin.zadeh@gmail.com