St.Peter's Seminary 2018

Deep in the heart of the Scottish woodlands on the outskirts of Glasgow lies a fallen concrete space-ship. Laying uninhabited for thirty years; it has become a symbol for a fallen post-war architectural era, as well as the impact that time can have on the built environment. The aim for this series was to manipulate light, tone and composition as a way of transporting the viewer through a series of carefully framed portals into the atmosphere and integrity of this cinematic lost urban space.

The future of St.Peter’s Seminary at present is unknown. Although it has been listed as Category A, one of only 42 post war Scottish buildings to be granted ‘special architectural or historic interest’. Local artists have organised guided walks, sound and light performances and community events within its walls over the last decade. Recent plans for it to be turned into an multi-disciplinary arts venue fell through due to viability issues and its remote location. So is there still hope for this formerly sacred space that serves as an ode to the UK’s brief romance with modernism? Time will tell.